CFD Problem Solving

GESI focuses on the development of new products. It also works on a consultation basis with other divisions of The Greenbank Group Inc. as to the best use of its products and to investigate new opportunities for products.

cfd modelingGESI’s final area is that of problem solving, it is possible for GESI to take a problem that you have and investigate it and suggest solutions. While the main focus is that of pneumatic conveying, in the past GESI has dealt with a range of problems outside of pneumatic conveying, such as combustion, de-dusting, heat exchangers and erosion problems.

GESI has access to a 1/3rd scale and a 1/10th scale pneumatic conveying rig. It also has other rigs developed for other power station technologies. GESI specializes in laser-based measurement such as Particle Image Velocimetry and Laser Sheet Visualization; both techniques are being adapted for industrial use. It is also able to focus on a range of other measurement techniques.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 

cfd Pf pipeOne of GESI’s major tools is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). CFD programs aresimilar to finite element programs but for fluid systems. The programs allow simulation of fluid field variables such as pressures, velocities and temperatures. The program is also able to undertake particle tracking and chemical reactions (such as combustion). CFD has been used to identify the optimum positions for their VARB devices in pipe networks. CFD is used in a wide range of industries and its based equations have lots of good correlation to experimental and empirical data.

One of GESI’s major areas of interest is instrumentation and measurement. GESI is particularly interested in developing new and more accurate ways of measuring properties and values within harsh or difficult environments. GESI will be happy to investigate your measurement problems and work on solutions to these problems.

CFD vs realityThe research done by GESI for their customers has lead to the installation of several tailor made solutions. Of particular note are the GESI devices that are designed and positioned based on investigation by GESI engineers. Each scenario is thoroughly investigated and solutions tested experimentally and computationally. This approach has been found to be incredibly successful.