PfMaster Pulverized Fuel Coal Flow Measurement Systems

pf master sensorCoal flow transport behavior and distribution to boiler burners has, until now, proved difficult to monitor. The dynamics of coal flow is very dependent on factors such as particle size, roping and the physical power plant layout.

The ABB PfMaster is capable of making continuous and rapid measurements of pf flow in all burner pf feed pipes simultaneously. Any instabilities in the mill performance and pf pipe work are instantly evident. Measurements are continuously updated and and the output signals respond accordingly.

The PfMaster is ideal for use within pf flow-control systems.pfmaster_Apr_03.pdf - Adobe Acrobat 3D

Solid Flow Measurement.pdf - Adobe Acrobat 3D

2 PfMaster sensors mounted on fuel pipe.

Key Benefits

Pf master results

  • On-line measurement of pulverized fuel (pf) distribution , velocity and mass-flow rate
  • Non-intrusive, passive measurement across total cross sectional area of pf pipe
  • Virtually unaffected by pf roping or ‘practical’ pf distributions
  • Very low maintenance
  • Safe, non-hazardous operation
  • Modular scaleable system
  • Inherent precision and calibration built in.
  • Unaffected by changes in coal type and moisture content

Sensors for Pf master installedPF measurement and control is necessary to achieving improved boiler performance in coal fired power stations. Field applications have proven that the ABB PfMaster is robust, maintenance free and capable of tracking the PF mass flow rate and velocity to each individual burner. The system can provide reliable signals for control of PF distribution. A coal fired power station applying ABB’s PF meters will be beneficial from both higher operation efficiency and reduced emissions.