25 GCS MillMaster.pdf - Adobe Acrobat 3DMillMaster
Greenbank’s MillMaster utilizes unique patented light sheet technology to accurately gauge the size of particles being conveyed in a lean phase pneumatic conveying system. The size of particles that can be measured ranges from 0.5 micron to 500 microns. The MillMaster works by actually Illuminating the particles using a coherent laser and generating a light sheet through a special optic.

The illuminated flow is captured using a high speed charge-coupled-device (CCD) camera. The speed of the camera shutter ‘freezes’ the image of the illuminated flow, and from this impression a number of processing algorithms can be applied.

Key Benefits for Mill Operation Improvements

  • Cost reduction through reduced energy consumption. By monitoring the online particle size for a particular feedstock, it will be possible to set the mill to the minimum settings required to give the desired particle fineness. Cost reduction through more complete combustion.
  • Particle fineness is a key factor in combustion. If particle size can be monitored from the mill and settings adjusted based on the data provided, it is entirely feasible that the plant’s combustion and efficiency can be improved.
  • Monitoring mill performance i.e. maintenance issues and catastrophic failures. By monitoring the online behavior of a mill (particularly looking at the relative percentage of coarse particles and fine particles) the performance of the mill can be assessed. With this information, maintenance strategies can be revised with potential failure avoided by early identification.

25 GCS MillMaster