particle size analyzerParticle Size Analyzer

The GESI Particle Size Analyzer is a low maintenance, non-intrusive, particle size analyzer was  developed to measure the density and size distribution of fine particulate transported and suspended in a a lean phase pneumatic conveying systemin real time.  GESI has two different applications of this technology one is for our StackMaster PSA for on line monitoring of flyash in a emissions stack application (PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring).

The PSA application is MillMaster which is designed to accurately gauge the size of coal particles just as they are exiting the coal pulverizer classifier. Our system can provide the particle size information  in the form of a Rosin‐Rammler distribution curve, which is more familiar to engineers operating milling groups and classification processes.

Key Benefits

  • Reduction in stack sampling costs and frequency
  • Real time alarm for poor precipitator performance
  • Identifies poor milling/classification
  • Identification of particulate matter by size (PM10)
  • No need for constant recalibration
  • Size category histogram
  • Particle mass, concentration and flow rates

PSA readout

PSA analysis