Pneumatic Conveying

Product roping naturally occurs when material is pneumatically conveyed through piping systems that contain elbows. This can result in poor, unbalanced distribution of product at line splits and increase drag in the system.

Greenbank Energy Solutions / CBP Engineering offers products specifically designed to improve product flow through the most aggressive systems.

The VARB is a CFD modeled, custom fabricated device designed to break and diffuse particle ropes that form during transport. Once the rope is diffused, the material flows through the Control Gate which provides the ability to optimally balance or bias the flow as it enters the Custom Splitter. System piping is flange connected to the inlet of the VARB and outlet ports of the Custom Splitter. All components are alumina ceramic lined to maximize wear life in the most abrasive applications. Unlike riffles, perforated diffusers, or variable orifice valves, the VARB and Control Gate are designed to provide balanced flow with minimum permanent pressure loss. The VARB and Control Gate will typically generate less than one-tenth the pressure losses induced by other devices.