CoalFlo USA PF Balancing Damper
PF Balancing Solution for Multi-Outlet Mill Classifiers

  •  Special design specifically for coal flow balancing of multi-outlet classifiers
  •  Optimizes PF distribution from mill to burners
  •  Accurately balances coal / air flow to burners
  •  Balances PF line pressure drop.
  •  Disburses PF roping.
  •  Rejects excess PF particulate, not air.
  •  Manual or closed loop operation
  •  Helps reduce excess carbon-in-ash and NOx through improved combustion.
  •  Lined for minimum 4 years operation without maintenance

Greenbank’s CoalFlo USA Balancing Damper has been developed to overcome the difficulty of balancing the air and pulverized fuel (PF) down multiple pipes outlets from pulverizing mill classifiers where differing pressure drops in each pipeline create unbalanced flow of air and PF to the burners, propagating poor combustion.
The Damper is designed specifically using optimized CFD analysis to suit each individual application.
The CoalFlo USA damper can be installed and trimmed manually or can be connected to an intelligent closed loop balancing system which actuates each damper in accordance with the inherent pressure drop in each pipeline.