HUMY 3000Brief description

The HUMY 3000 is successfully used for moisture measurement in many processes, including for granules, pellets, chips, powders, dusts, and much more. Conveyor belts, screw conveyors, silos, hoppers, etc. are particularly suitable installation locations. In-line moisture measurement is also possible in batch processes. The fast measuring process with a high resolution allows a quick and easy calibration and accuracy of up to 0.1%. In addition to an automatic temperature compensation and ageing drift, the self-monitoring device also has an integrated data logger, digital output and alarm outputs, and much more. For product- or process changes, different parameters can be stored for up to 24 products or product groups.

  • No samples necessary for the laboratory
  • Energy savings during drying
  • For automatic humidifying
  • Simple, fast and affordable installation and calibration
  • Very short pay-back periods
  • Improvement of product quality
  • High level of operational reliability thanks to sturdy probe
  • Continuous monitoring and reporting with integrated data logger
  • High measurement speed and selective sensitivity
  • More than 0.1% accuracy (depending on the product)
  • Optional ATEX-Version  for zone 20 and zone 0

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