By   February 3, 2023

Acoustic Pyrometers

Greenbank Energy Solutions, Inc. (GESI), based in Washington Pennsylvania and Scientific Environmental Instruments Inc. (SEI) based in West Palm Beach Florida have launched a joint-venture on January 18, 2023. GESI will market and sell SEI’s revolutionary technology, Acoustic Pyrometers.

The industries that this technology is built and utilized for are:

  • Oil Refinery / Petrochemical
  • Boilers, coal, natural gas, oil etc.
  • Biomass Plants
  • Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Cement Plants

Acoustic Pyrometer is a boiler gas temperature measurement system.

The SEI BOILERWATCH MMP II-SSX acoustic pyrometer is an advanced industrial instrument that provides fully automatic measurement of high combustion gas temperatures, permitting fuel trimming control within heaters & boilers. These systems are available in a variety of configurations and are easy to install, commission and operate.

SEI’s Acoustic Pyrometer, Online Continuous Gas Temperatures Measurement at Flue Gas Exit planes and other sections of the combustion chamber.  A true device that can improve combustion efficiency and optimize boiler and heater operations resulting in low maintenance, increased up time, extended service life and efficient and money saving performance. The results of these operational improvements also reduce NOx emissions, increase efficiency, reduce local slagging, fouling and corrosion, reduce localized hot spots and reduce carbon-in-ash post combustion.

Acoustic Pyrometer Market: Introduction

  • The acoustic pyrometer is an advanced instrument that provides fully automatic measurement of high combustion-gas temperatures and permits fuel trimming control within heaters & boilers. Advancements in instrument help drive the acoustic pyrometer market.
  • Acoustic pyrometer is a non-contact measurement device that obtains highly accurate instant gas temperature data from any location within a boiler.
  • The acoustic pyrometer system helps boiler operators to reduce slagging by maintaining optimal furnace exit gas temperatures
  • It also helps manage critical temperature profiles to aid in emissions reduction, as well as reduce tube damage or leaks by preventing hot spots and thermal shock
  • In addition to temperature measurement, the acoustic pyrometer can be used for leak detection in the area of a boiler which is being monitored for temperature and constantly listens to boiler noises in order to measure preset noise thresholds and time durations, and identifies persistent sounds indicative of leaks. This helps to fuel the demand for acoustic pyrometer.

Rising Demand for Acoustic Pyrometer in Power Plant Applications

  • Based on application, the market can be segmented into power plant, boilers, refineries and petrochemicals
  • The power plant segment is estimated to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period due to the increasing use of acoustic pyrometer for measurement of high combustion gas temperatures
  • Acoustic pyrometer offers numerous benefits such as real-time temperature data, which helps control and optimize operation, offers better process control, improves product quality, minimizes regrind, and helps reduce emissions and NOx generation. These factors also boost the adoption of acoustic pyrometer.
  • The acoustic pyrometer is best suited for high temperature and dusty conditions, and monitor on-line of the distribution of temperature field in boiler furnace, which is vital to reduce emissions that cause pollution and damages to environment in the power plants. This boosts the demand for acoustic pyrometers in power plant applications.
  • Increasing usage of acoustic pyrometer can improve combustion efficiency and optimize boiler and heaters operations, which results into low maintenance, increased up time, extended service life with efficient performance. This, in turn, is propelling the acoustic pyrometer market.