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Greenbank Energy and Mutec Instruments Release Two New Products

Greenbank Energy and Mutec Instruments Release Two New Products

The HITY 4000

Humidity and Temperature Monitor

Moisture in gases is an important parameter that strongly influences the quality of a process or product. The HITY 4000 is successfully used in many processes, including air conditioning systems, cooling towers, drying plants, composting plants, storage and production rooms in the food and tobacco industry, gas sterilization plants, air conditioning systems and much more. The HITY 4000 is intended for installation in machines, ventilation ducts, etc. The sensor is available in lengths of 60 mm (standard), 160 mm and 300 mm. The HITY 4000w version is designed for wall mounting.

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The HVD-450

Wear Free Discharging Unit for High Voltage

It is a unique device, managing the discharging of powerful intermediate circuits and capacitors, e.g. on test benches in the EV industry. It works without contactors / relays and has a much longer lifetime than anything else on the market.

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Acoustic Pyrometers

Greenbank Energy Solutions, Inc. (GESI), based in Washington Pennsylvania and Scientific Environmental Instruments Inc. (SEI) based in West Palm Beach Florida have launched a joint-venture on January 18, 2023. GESI will market and sell SEI’s revolutionary technology, Acoustic Pyrometers.

The industries that this technology is built and utilized for are:

  • Oil Refinery / Petrochemical
  • Boilers, coal, natural gas, oil etc.
  • Biomass Plants
  • Combined Cycle Power Plants
  • Cement Plants

Acoustic Pyrometer is a boiler gas temperature measurement system.

The SEI BOILERWATCH MMP II-SSX acoustic pyrometer is an advanced industrial instrument that provides fully automatic measurement of high combustion gas temperatures, permitting fuel trimming control within heaters & boilers. These systems are available in a variety of configurations and are easy to install, commission and operate.

SEI’s Acoustic Pyrometer, Online Continuous Gas Temperatures Measurement at Flue Gas Exit planes and other sections of the combustion chamber.  A true device that can improve combustion efficiency and optimize boiler and heater operations resulting in low maintenance, increased up time, extended service life and efficient and money saving performance. The results of these operational improvements also reduce NOx emissions, increase efficiency, reduce local slagging, fouling and corrosion, reduce localized hot spots and reduce carbon-in-ash post combustion.

Acoustic Pyrometer Market: Introduction

  • The acoustic pyrometer is an advanced instrument that provides fully automatic measurement of high combustion-gas temperatures and permits fuel trimming control within heaters & boilers. Advancements in instrument help drive the acoustic pyrometer market.
  • Acoustic pyrometer is a non-contact measurement device that obtains highly accurate instant gas temperature data from any location within a boiler.
  • The acoustic pyrometer system helps boiler operators to reduce slagging by maintaining optimal furnace exit gas temperatures
  • It also helps manage critical temperature profiles to aid in emissions reduction, as well as reduce tube damage or leaks by preventing hot spots and thermal shock
  • In addition to temperature measurement, the acoustic pyrometer can be used for leak detection in the area of a boiler which is being monitored for temperature and constantly listens to boiler noises in order to measure preset noise thresholds and time durations, and identifies persistent sounds indicative of leaks. This helps to fuel the demand for acoustic pyrometer.

Rising Demand for Acoustic Pyrometer in Power Plant Applications

  • Based on application, the market can be segmented into power plant, boilers, refineries and petrochemicals
  • The power plant segment is estimated to expand at a rapid pace during the forecast period due to the increasing use of acoustic pyrometer for measurement of high combustion gas temperatures
  • Acoustic pyrometer offers numerous benefits such as real-time temperature data, which helps control and optimize operation, offers better process control, improves product quality, minimizes regrind, and helps reduce emissions and NOx generation. These factors also boost the adoption of acoustic pyrometer.
  • The acoustic pyrometer is best suited for high temperature and dusty conditions, and monitor on-line of the distribution of temperature field in boiler furnace, which is vital to reduce emissions that cause pollution and damages to environment in the power plants. This boosts the demand for acoustic pyrometers in power plant applications.
  • Increasing usage of acoustic pyrometer can improve combustion efficiency and optimize boiler and heaters operations, which results into low maintenance, increased up time, extended service life with efficient performance. This, in turn, is propelling the acoustic pyrometer market.



Washington, PA – Greenbank Energy Solutions and Constellation Clearsight are excited to announce the latest break-through in inspection robotics – drone deployable non-destructive examination inspection services. Clearsight’s new drone performs thickness measurment using Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) and Dry-Film Thickness (DFT).

The industry-leading Clearsight drone reaches new heights with its effortless 360-degree flying abiility while maintaining any angle and inspecting components in any direction.

Please view this exciting video and witness this amazing offering for yourself.


Download our brochure:  Clearsight_Drone-Deployable-NDE-1.pdf

Download our technical data:  Clearsight_NDE-Technical-Sheet-2-1.pdf

Call today for more details and an appointment to speak to our inspection team.

Announcing a New Business Collaboration

A Joint Business Collaboration Between Exelon Clearsight LLC. and The Greenbank Group, Inc.

Far more than just drone services.

(Washington PA) October 1, 2021

The Greenbank Group through its operating companies (CBP Engineering Corp. and Greenbank Energy Solutions Inc.) will provide Sales assistance/advice/support and consulting to Clearsight LLC. for strategic planning, product/services development. The Greenbank Group will actively support Clearsight LLC. sales efforts in the Power Generation, Power Transmission and Distribution, Oil & Gas, Mining, Paper Mills, and Cement/Concrete markets by providing introductions and sales opportunities to key potential customers throughout the Americas.

The Clearsight LLC services that will be supported by the Greenbank Group. Inc. include unmanned aerial systems and robotics (drone) inspection services, and related technical services including concrete inspections, condenser inspections, submersible inspections, on-line/planning inspections, emergent system response investigation, transmission inspections, distribution inspections, storm restoration response, asset assessments, vegetation assessments and modeling, data analysis, 2D and 3D photogrammetry, LiDAR processing, 3D point cloud models, unmanned systems consulting and training, ingestion analysis and data storage.

“The Clearsight products and services offer safe and efficient inspection for an endless number of inspection applications and is a perfect fit for the Greenbank Group companies (CBP Engineering and Greenbank Energy Solutions) sales efforts. Our vast network of seasoned professionals are excited to and capable of bringing the Clearsight inspection technology to all markets. The need for this ROV inspection technology is obvious in this time for businesses that are focused on safety and improving cost efficiencies.” Said Sales Director of The Greenbank Group Inc. Mr. Donald Halulko.

Combustion Optimization – Achieving Operational Flexibility & Improving Load Turndown

Combustion Optimization – Achieving Operational Flexibility and Improving Load Turndown

by Steven McCaffrey, President

Greenbank Energy Solutions Inc.
Part of The Greenbank Group, Inc.
185 Plumpton Avenue
Washington, PA 15301-1948
Click this link to view and download the paper:

Presented at the Electric Power Research Institute “Flexible Operations Conference: Conventional and Combined Cycling Damage and Management”
Tulsa, OK
June 6-8, 2018


Acoustic steam leak detection for your Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

The Greenbank LA 202 Acoustic Leak Detection System is the longest standing system of its type available. Since 1974 there have been over three-hundred systems installed worldwide.  The modular, expandable system has been designed to meet virtually every application requirement for performance and economy.

Research has proven that true acoustic measurement of sound level in a confined space is more accurate through a wider band width than indirect piezo measurement. However, to provide the ultimate system flexibility, Greenbank can provide either airborne or structure borne sensors as the application requires.

Damage to steam and water piping systems by corrosion, thermal-mechanical fatigue, or slagging have long affected conventional coal-fired boilers. HRSG designs can be affected by some of these issues as well, causing unscheduled outages and lost revenue.

A well-designed acoustic leak detection system enables operators to continually monitor and trend real-time performance of various systems in the unit and provide early detection of a potential problem. Strategically placed sensors enable operators to safely determine the location of a leak or malfunction and schedule required maintenance based on severity. The modularity of the LA202 system allows for additional points to be added at any time with minimal cost and effort.

Typical Applications:

  • Boiler Tubes
  • Superheater / Reheater
  • Main Headers
  • Waterwalls
  • Attemperators
  • Isolation Valves / Relief Valves
  • Pipeline Flow / No Flow

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Greenbank Energy Solutions Inc would like to introduce our new product line: HEP Dynamic Classifiers


Improved Fuel and Air Distribution

Today’s stringent environmental regulations, low NOx combustion systems and burners, as well as efficient operation of boilers, demand rigorous control pf the air/coal ratio to each burner from the classifier. The HEP Classifier has the ability to balance the air/coal ratio in each coal pipe served by a classifier, with externally adjustable guide vanes at the outlet to each coal pipe. These guide vanes are designed and positioned to either capture or divert the pulverized coal from entering the outlet. Field experience has demonstrated that individual coal pipes can be balanced with +-2-5% variation.

Improved Particle Size Distribution

The HEP Classifier provides burners with a finer, more evenly ground coal. More precise distribution of the coal particles avoids oversized particles that would otherwise pass, unburned, through the boiler furnace. Better particle distribution also allows the unit to operate at lower excess air levels and allows greater turndown without auxiliary fuel for stabilization. For proper NOx and combustion control, even distribution of the primary air and coal is essential and it is necessary to control the air/coal ratio to each burner.

Increased Boiler Turndown and Fuel Flexibility

Improved particle size distribution, together with more even coal distribution to the burners, produces a more stable flame, reducing the boiler load level where the support fuel must be started. Actual operating experience has shown this to be 10% or more below previous minimum operating levels.

Increased Mill Efficiency

Whether you need additional pulverizer capacity as the result of fuel switching or for a low NOx burner installation, the HEP Classifier can deliver.

Increased Combustion Efficiency

The HEP Classifiers ability to create a finer, more evenly ground coal for the burners, allows optimum combustion efficiency – that means better performance and less unburned carbon in the bottom and fly ash.

Faster Response to Boiler Load Demand

Rotor speed control is provided with a ramp time function that adjusts both the acceleration and de-acceleration of the rotor. This feature creates a temporary difference between the actual rotor speed and the speed demanded by the control system, allowing fast response to boiler load demands.

Installation of the HEP Dynamic Classifier

Custom designed for the specific coal pulverization and burner configurations, HEP Classifiers make retrofit installations easy and economical:

  • Low overall height makes conversion of existing mill easy.
  • HEP Classifiers come “pre-packaged” for quick flange connection to your existing coal pulverizers and coal burner distribution system.
  • Minimal time is required to “re-tune” the boiler and firing system.
  • Standard HEP Classifier configurations are available for all manufactures and types of coal pulverizers.

Download our brochure here.


GESI releases a new product…. On-Line solids MassFlo metering

The mass flow rate of PF in each feed pipe is known to be crucial parameters influencing the operation of pneumatic conveyors, combustion efficiency and atmospheric emissions of the plant. These parameters should ideally be measured and subsequently controlled to achieve fully balanced and optimal PF.

GESI’s new MassFlo – Online Flow Measurement System

GESI's new MassFlo - Online Flow Measurement System

Optimizing Fuel Flow in Pulverized Coal and Biomass-Fired Boilers

3-5 February 2016, San Diego, California

        Greenbank Energy Solutions, Inc in conjunction with IEA Clean Coal Centre presented the following program at this year's EUEC 2016 show in San Diego. Optimizing Fuel Flow in Pulverized Coal and Biomass Fired Boilers


Greenbank Energy's Steve McCaffrey, and IEA Clean Coal Centre's Malgorzata (Maggie) Wiatros-Motyka presented at this year’s Energy, Utility & Environment Conference (EUEC) conference at the San Diego Convention Center. Speaking on Optimizing Fuel Flow in Pulverized Coal and Biomass Fired Boilers.

EUEC is USA’s largest professional networking & educational event of its kind with 2,000 delegates, 400 speakers and 200 exhibits. EUEC facilitates information exchange and fosters cooperation between industry, government, and regulatory stake-holders for the protection of our environment and energy security.

LA 202 Acoustic Leak Detection System Turns 40 Years Old

LA 202 Acoustic Leak Detection Systems – Marks 40 years of success.images

Air Bourne Sensor

Air Borne Sensor

The Greenbank Energy Solutions LA 202 Acoustic Leak Detection System is the longest standing monitoring system of its type available in the world.

Since 1974, there have been over three-hundred systems installed worldwide. The modular, expandable system has been designed to meet virtually every application requirement for performance and economy.

Structure Borne Sensor

Structure Borne Sensor

This time tested and proven Greenbank Energy Solutions product provides detection of boiler tube leaks when they are not detectable by traditional methods. This allows management time to plan a repair strategy and schedule a controlled outage, for tube repairs at a time which is less expensive to the plant.

Operators will benefit from reduced downtime as a direct result of minimizing the degree of damage requiring repair. All of which contribute to greater plant availability, efficiency and reductions in operational costs.

LA 202 Product Features

LA 202 Product Details

LA 202 Leak Detection


The Case for Fuel Delivery System Upgrades on Utility Boilers

                            The Case for Fuel Delivery System Upgrades on Utility Boilers


ASME Research Committee on Energy, Environment and Waste
The Fuel Delivery System Upgrades for Utility Boilers Subcommittee

Subcommittee Authors:
Robert E. Sommerlad1, Donald B. Pearson2, Grant E. Grothen3, and Steven McCaffrey4

1 Consultant
2 The Babcock & Wilcox Company (Retired); Secretary, PRB Coal Users Group
3 Burns & McDonnell
4 Greenbank Energy Solutions, Inc.

Presented at:
Fuel Combustion Strategies 15th Annual
ROSEMONT, IL               MAY 14-16, 2013

Fuel Delivery Systems TRACK Plant Management & OperationCoalGen13
Coal-Gen 2013
CHARLOTTE, NC          AUGUST 14-16, 2013


The Case for Fuel Delivery System Upgrades on Utility Boilers – Presentation

The Case for Fuel Delivery System Upgrades on Utility Boilers – White Paper

Greenbank Energy Solutions Releases New Product Modification

Limestone VARB

Limestone VARBGreenbank Energy Solutions Inc, in partnership with the University of Nottingham and Greenbank Advanced Instrumentation & Measurement (GAIM) in the UK, have developed a suite of technologies for optimizing the distribution of coal and limestone to the burners at coal fired power stations, and limestone feed to the bed of CFB’s (Circulating Fluidized Bed).

The VARB is a non-intrusive passive device designed to break the material rope, equalize the split of the material at pipe junctions and homogenize material distribution across the pipe, with minimal pressure drop in the pipeline. It is used for a variety of material where metered distribution is required.

Click here to learn more – Greenbank Limestone Control System