By   June 11, 2014

LA 202 Acoustic Leak Detection Systems – Marks 40 years of success.images

Air Bourne Sensor

Air Borne Sensor

The Greenbank Energy Solutions LA 202 Acoustic Leak Detection System is the longest standing monitoring system of its type available in the world.

Since 1974, there have been over three-hundred systems installed worldwide. The modular, expandable system has been designed to meet virtually every application requirement for performance and economy.

Structure Borne Sensor

Structure Borne Sensor

This time tested and proven Greenbank Energy Solutions product provides detection of boiler tube leaks when they are not detectable by traditional methods. This allows management time to plan a repair strategy and schedule a controlled outage, for tube repairs at a time which is less expensive to the plant.

Operators will benefit from reduced downtime as a direct result of minimizing the degree of damage requiring repair. All of which contribute to greater plant availability, efficiency and reductions in operational costs.

LA 202 Product Features

LA 202 Product Details

LA 202 Leak Detection