By   February 16, 2024

Greenbank Energy and Mutec Instruments Release Two New Products

The HITY 4000

Humidity and Temperature Monitor

Moisture in gases is an important parameter that strongly influences the quality of a process or product. The HITY 4000 is successfully used in many processes, including air conditioning systems, cooling towers, drying plants, composting plants, storage and production rooms in the food and tobacco industry, gas sterilization plants, air conditioning systems and much more. The HITY 4000 is intended for installation in machines, ventilation ducts, etc. The sensor is available in lengths of 60 mm (standard), 160 mm and 300 mm. The HITY 4000w version is designed for wall mounting.

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The HVD-450

Wear Free Discharging Unit for High Voltage

It is a unique device, managing the discharging of powerful intermediate circuits and capacitors, e.g. on test benches in the EV industry. It works without contactors / relays and has a much longer lifetime than anything else on the market.

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